Rediscover Your Bookmarks

Mochimarks is a bookmarking website focused on helping you regularly use your bookmarks. Mochimarks boasts features that make bookmarks more useful, such as reminders, wishlists, ranking, sharing, and rediscovery suggestions. Mochimarks also has the features you'd expect from an advanced bookmarking application, including tags, read later, full text search, browser/mobile integration, and sorting options.

Fully Featured Bookmark System

Easily add and edit bookmarks with all the frills you're used to, including tags, descriptions, full text search, read later, notes, sorting, and browser plugins.

Fully Featured Reminder System

Add a reminder to any bookmark or note. Sort by time or snooze! Want to be reminded about a movie release date, remember to come back to a thread, or check up on a kickstarter? Set a reminder and come back later!

Fully Featured Wishlist System

Add any bookmark to your wishlist and give it a numeric rank. Share your wishlist with your family and friends. Keep separate wishlists for yourself and for others.

Discover Bookmarks

Find interesting new links by viewing recent, popular, and trending bookmarks. Send and receive recommendations from friends. Mochimarks respects your privacy and all social features are opt-in.

Rediscover Bookmarks

A special 'Suggestion' algorithm recommends bookmarks it thinks you should look at it again, based off of details like its rank and your visiting patterns. Want to spend an afternoon and browse through blogs you haven't been keeping up with? Mochimarks helps you do that.

Fast. Unobtrusive. Private.

Mochimarks is fast, unobtrusive, and respects your privacy. Mochimarks integrates with your browser via bookmarklets or browser extensions. Mochimarks is built to be used and goes for substance over flash.

Start Using Mochimarks Today!

Mochimarks is currently in Beta! All features are available, but I'm using this time to get more feedback, search for more bugs, and check scalability.

If you'd prefer to wait until Mochimarks is out of beta, please leave your email here: