Getting Started

Welcome to Mochimarks! This is a quick guide to get you started. I highly recommend at least skimming through this before you start.

Importing Bookmarks

Most likely, the first thing you'll want to do is Import some existing bookmarks. Simply follow the instructions on that page to import bookmarks from the browser of your choice.

Add Bookmarks

Next you'll want to be able to add new bookmarks. You have a few options for doing this. You can press the '+' button on each page to manually add a bookmark, but that's fairly inconvenient. Your best options are using an extension: either a bookmarklet or a browser plugin. With an extension, you can add a bookmark in a single click with all the important fields automatically filled out. Find out more on the Extension page.

Whichever option you use, the add bookmark form will look like this:

Name is displayed as the bookmark title.
Url is the bookmark link.
Notes is the description for the bookmark.
Tags describe what kind of bookmark this is. This greatly helps with searching and organizing bookmarks later.
Interest is how interesting or important a bookmark is to you. It can range anywhere from -999 to 999. It is used for ranking bookmarks during sorting.
Reminder lets you set a reminder date on your bookmark. You can get notified on active reminders or manually view bookmarks sorted by their reminder time. Reminders are a non-obtrusive way to remember to come back to a link later.
Reason is a reason for the reminder time on your bookmark. It helps you remember why you set up a reminder, such as whether the reminder is for a release date or a simply status check.
Time is the time, in your current timezone, when you want your reminder to go off.
Read Later is for when you want to look at the link in more detail later.
Add to Shoplist is for when you see something you want to get for yourself.
Add to Wishlist is for when you see something you would like as a present.
Mark Archived is for when you don't want to easily find this link again later. Archive means this link will show up last when doing search or sort. It also implies that the link not a valid Shoplist/Wishlist item anymore.
Mark Private is for when you don't want other people to be able to see this bookmark on your list.

Viewing Bookmarks

Now you'll want to view bookmarks. Note that the appearance changes if you're using a phone versus using a browser or tablet. You lose some editing options on mobile, but you can still view and filter all your bookmarks.

Interest: This is how interesting the bookmark is to you. In the case of Wishlist and Shoplist, it's also how much you desire the linked item. Interest is used for sorting your bookmarks later.
Read Later: This is whether or not you need to finish looking at this bookmark later.
Private: This is whether or not you want other people to be able to see this bookmark. From the Social Page, you can choose if private applies to non-friends or to everyone.
Shoplist: This is to mark an item that you are considering getting for yourself. This implies that other people should not buy the item for you.
Wishlist: This is to mark an item that you would like to recieve as a gift.
Reminder: This is the snooze button for Reminders so that you can quickly set a reminder date.
Archive: This is for when you no longer care about seeing a bookmark. Archived items rank very lowly when doing searches or sorts. Archived also indicates that you no longer want a Shoplist/Wishlist item.
Share: These are the share options. If you share an item on Mochimarks, all your friends and watchers will receive a new recommendation for this bookmark.
Tag: These are the tags for this this bookmark. If you click the tag, you can filter your bookmarks by the tag. Click the tag again to remove the filter.

Notice that alerts turn red after their reminder date expires. On the Reminder page, the background color helps to give a sense about how far away an alert is.

Notice that the title is underlined after you interact with a bookmark, either by visiting the link or editing the bookmark. This is to help you keep track of what you've done. The formatting will reset after a page refresh.


Bookmarks: View all your bookmarks. This does not show notes.
Reading: Shows only the bookmarks you marked 'Read Later.'
Reminders: Shows only the bookmarks you've set a reminder for. The background color shows how far away the reminder date is.
Wishlist: Shows only the bookmarks you've set on your Shoplist (buy for yourself) or Wishlist (want as a gift).
Notes: Shows only the bookmarks that don't have a URL.
Explore: Pages to help you discover new bookmarks or updates. Filtering and Social features are listed here.
Site: Pages to give you more information about this site. Logout and Profile are located here.
?: This will bring up the help page.
: This will switch the bookmark views between title only and full views.


Finally, you might want to learn about the advanced Filtering and Social features.

The filter allows you to have a lot of control over your searches. Bookmark types can included (checked), excluded (minus), or marked as don't care (blank.) The other options should be self explanatory. If you "Save" the filter, you'll be able to load it later so that you don't need to set up all the filter criteria again.

The social features are straightforward. You can view who is watching your bookmarking activity and view whose bookmark activity you are watching. When you watch someone, you'll receive recommendations from them. The Social Page gives you quick access to your friend's public bookmarks. It also allows you to block people you don't want seeing your public bookmarks.

Next Steps

If you've read through this page, you should be able to fully use Mochimarks. If you have questions, please try looking at the FAQ. If that doesn't answer your question, please contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Otherwise, Start Using Mochimarks!